Mazda Rewards Educators: Mazda Car Care Program

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Mazda Rewards Educators:
Mazda Car Care Program

At our Mazda dealership in Raynham, MA, we want to thank all of the amazing educators who live and work in our community. Through the Mazda Educators Appreciation Program, teachers can take advantage of service perks and other incentives to save when they visit us at Mastria Mazda.1 Benefits of the Mazda Educators Appreciation program include:

  • Complimentary oil change
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Inspection

Even if you don’t drive a Mazda, you can visit our nearby car dealer and claim these rewards. Our certified Mazda service technicians work on all makes and models, so you can visit us confidently no matter what you drive.

In Tandem with the Mazda Care Care Program to recognize teachers, we have collected a few local stories of amazing educators going above and beyond throughout the pandemic to care for their community. Read their stories to see the impact they’ve made on our local communities. This program has ended and our winner has been selected. Thank you to all that supported and voted for our local educators!

Name: Meghan Daniels

 School: Merrill Elementary School

Position: Kindergarten Special Education Teacher

Ms. Daniels is a dedicated and outstanding teacher each and every day. However, during the pandemic, she brought her dedication and enthusiasm to elevated heights!. As a kindergarten special education teacher, Meg services numerous students from various classrooms. She is often affectionately referred to as the ‘Ninja Teacher’ as she swiftly darts in and out of classrooms helping students and classroom teachers!

Ms Daniels went above and beyond with communicating with her students and parents. As our classroom teachers created one Google classroom for all their students, Ms. Daniels created a Google classroom for each individual student!!! That was 14 Google classrooms that she maintained and interacted with. She did this so each child received the direct, individualized instruction they needed to be successful. She worked with parents endlessly through virtual meetings and written communication so they could provide additional support at home. She also served as a valuable resource and co-teacher to her kindergarten colleagues. Ms. Daniels’ positive can-do-it attitude, endless energy, compassion, care, and dedication is nothing less than exemplary!!!

Name: Deb D’Amorino

 School: Merrill Elementary School

Position: Head Cook Cafeteria

Mrs. D’Amorino and I worked very closely with the rest of the cafeteria team last summer to create a safe and efficient process to serve our students both lunch and breakfast each day. To say that Mrs. D’Armino was accommodating is an understatement!!! ANYTHING we needed her to do, or get, or serve, she did for us with no questions or concerns. She always found a way to make things work. So often I would have to go to her throughout the year and say, “Deb, I have a little problem. I need…” no matter what it was that I needed, it was a yes. Every child at Merrill School received a breakfast and/or lunch each day and many times, Deb would do a little something special for some of our friends who needed a little extra support that day. Despite all the protocols, routines, procedures and mandates, our breakfasts and lunches ran smoothly and efficiently because of Deb’s kindness, work ethic, empathy, and dedication. 

Name: Brenda Chickering

 School: Laliberte Elementary School

Position: School Secretary

Brenda has worked at Laliberte Elementary School for 10 years. This past school year, not only was it a challenge to keep everyone safe, but also to uplift moral and build relationships between students and faculty. To offset this challenge, Brenda collaborated with the parent group to make pins with the staff’s pictures on them to give to students a better to better picture their teachers without masks. She notes that teamwork was essential in making a school a fun place for students to go. She walked away from this past school year appreciating the little things and an ongoing goal of making others feel comfortable. She’s looking forward to the days of field trips, school-wide events and no more masks.

Name: Jen Sharland

 School: Raynham Middle School

Position: School Nurse

Jen has worked at Raynham Middle School for three years, spending the first to as the preschool nurse (which is also housed in the middle school). Her biggest challenge was keeping everyone safe, ensuring safe returns for faculty and staff who were directly impacted by COVID-19 and checking on sick students. Using diligence and organizational skills, she was able to execute district protocols to keep every safe and as comfortable as possible. She’s now grateful that things seem to be moving in the right direction in regards to the pandemic and notes that it’s important for everyone to return to a state of normalcy if possible.

Name: Mark Chiocca

 School: Raynham Middle School

Position: Head Custodian

The pandemic had custodians all over the country with uphill battles, and that was particularly true for Mark. New and quickly changing cleaning priorities and procedures, and new management strategies were just some of the changes Mark and his team had to adapt to, along with the increased emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting on a consistent basis. With determination and teamwork, the school was able to implement a new disinfectant spray that was instrumental in keeping the school safe and addressing any detected COVID-19 threats. He is greatly looking forward to the students and staff being reunited in the building for in-person learning this year.