MAZDA EV Preparation

2022 MAZDA MX-30 charging at a station

Mastria Mazda:
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Are you contemplating making the switch to a new EV or hybrid SUV? Wondering if an electric car is worth it? Here at Mastria Mazda, we have all your essentials covered. That’s because our Mazda dealership near Easton is partnering with the Mazda brand to ensure you’re fully prepared to enjoy the best EV ownership experience imaginable. From EV repairs to electric car charging, we have every facet covered. Visit our nearby Mazda dealer to learn more about how we’re prepping for the increase in EVs in Massachusetts and beyond.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations near Me

Whether you preorder a new Mazda EV or buy a hybrid somewhere else, understanding how an electric car works is important. A big factor between electric vehicle vs. gas costs comes with the fact that you can ditch the pump for good when you buy a Mazda EV. Instead of paying for fuel, you’ll go to your local electric vehicle charging station whenever you need assistance. Fortunately, our Raynham Mazda dealer has you covered with multiple charging stations. We have free EV charging stations for public use, or you can charge your Mazda EV’s battery by vising us inside the building.

What’s more, we have the infrastructure in place to address and handle essential Mazda EV service items. Since Mazda batteries can weigh up to 3,000 pounds, we’ve made sure that our Mazda service center is equipped with forklifts and additional tools to get whatever you need taken care of. Looking to schedule an electric car battery replacement near Easton? Whether you drive a 100% gas-engine car, hybrid SUV or full electric vehicle, we have the mechanics, tools and technologies to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years and miles to come.

Electric Car Dealerships in Massachusetts

The demand for EVs in New England is only going to increase, which is why we’ve made it a priority to help you enjoy your electric car ownership experience to the fullest right off the bat. From EV maintenance to public car charging station in Massachusetts, we’ve got it all. Plus, we’re expecting to add even more electric vehicle charging stations to our location in the future, so you can turn to us down the road whenever you need assistance. Contact Mastria Mazda for more information on our EV preparation plans!